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Nautical publications is a technical term used in the maritime sector to describe a set of maritime publications (published by national governments or by commercial and professional organisations), for use in safe navigation of ships, boats, and similar vessels. Other publications might cover topics such as seamanship and cargo operations. In e.g. the UK, the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO), the Witherby Publishing Group and the Nautical Institute provide numerous navigational publications, including charts, publications on how to navigate and passage planning publications. In the US, publications are issued by the US government and US Coast Guard.

The marine environment is subject to frequent change and the latest publications should always be used, especially when passage planning.

Hydrographic Officers who produce of nautical publications also provide a system to inform mariners of changes that effect the chart. In the US, the UK, and worldwide (the local national hydrographic offices), chart and publications corrections and notifications of new editions are provided by various governmental agencies (but mainly by the Hydrographic Offices/Agencies) by way of Notice to Mariners, Local Notice to Mariners, Summary of Corrections, and Broadcast Notice to Mariners. Radio broadcasts too give advance notice of urgent corrections.

A convenient way to keep track of corrections is with a Chart and Publication Correction Record system, either electronic or paper-based. Using this system, the navigator does not immediately update every publication in the library when a new Notice to Mariners arrives, instead creating a 'card' for every chart and noting the correction on this 'card'. When the time comes to use the publication, the navigator pulls the publication and its card, and makes the indicated corrections to the publication. This system ensures that every publication is properly corrected prior to use.

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List of sources of Nautical PUBLICATIONS manufacturers & providers - Catalog of digital & paper marine publications

Directory list of selected premium Nautical Publications, paper and digital marine publications from the best manufacturers and suppliers worldwide that are indispensable and help mariners and bridge officers with their day-to-day maritime passage planning

Catalogue of marine publucations: paper & digital maritime publications

Admiralty ADP digital publications for mariners

Admiralty Digital Publications

ADMIRALTY Digital List of Lights
ADMIRALTY Digital Radio Signals
ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications
Admiralty e-Nautical Publications (AENP)

Admiralty e-nautical publications

ADMIRALTY e-Nautical Publications (AENPs) are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications available as e-books, accessed only using ADMIRALTY e-Readers 1.3 and 1.4 or on the AENP Integrated Viewer
US National Archives Catalog

US national archives catalog

US national archives catalog - records of the Hydrographic Office, 1754–1973. This Record Group contains records, some of which are available online. 40 File Units, and 98 Items (with a total of 4,799 digital objects) from this Record Group are currently online and ready to view
Voyagerww nautical publications

Voyagerww nautical publications

Voyager Worldwide enables seamless distribution, updating and management of digital and paper charts and maritime publications
Maritime world

EagleRay Nautical Publications

EagleRay Publications was founded in 1990 by D. Ilias Commodore (Hellenic Navy), with the aim of providing nautical aids that ensure safety and comfort at sea, specialises in producing pilot books and charts for the Greek seas
AMnautical American Nautical Services

American Nautical Services publications

Mariners of any background can search AMnautical's wide selection of nautical books to find what they need. A specialized maritime bookstore of everything nautical (wide range of nautical books from reputable publishers)
NOAA - National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (USA)

NOAA (USA) Nautical Publications

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - US) provides a number of nautical publications for use in safe navigation
Witherby nautical publications

Hellenic Navy maritime publications

Catalogue of Nautical Charts & Nautical Publications. The aim of the catalogue is to provide information to the mariners and to all those who navigate the Greek seas about the Nautical charts and Publications of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service
Indian Naval Hydrographic Department

Indian Hydrographic Office publications

Indian Hydrographic Office publications for the area of the Indian Ocean
Canadian nautical publications

Canadian Hydrographic Service Publications

The Canadian Hydrographic Service is proud to offer all of its nautical publications for free via digital download. Providing free digital nautical publications means easier access to up-to-date information for safer navigation
Lyssos paper nautical charts

Lyssos Nautical Books & Publications

Lyssos Nautical Books & Publications - suppliers of a wide range of Nautical Publications & books which are deemed crucial for the Marine & Fishing industry in order to operate safely, in regulation with SOLAS
Hellenic Navy maritime publications

Hellenic Navy maritime publications

Catalogue of Nautical Charts & Nautical Publications. The aim of the catalogue is to provide information to the mariners and to all those who navigate the Greek seas about the Nautical charts and Publications of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service
Electronic Marine Charts by openc247

OpenC247 (ADP & AENP)

The full range of ADP and eNP titles can be accessed instantly 24/7. The base files for all e-books are accessible on line too, rendering DVDs obsolete. Select the publications required for your next voyage by importing or plotting your intended route to OpenC247. A weekly alert for updates and new editions helps you stay up to date and compliant. Accessing new titles of eNPs couldn’t be easier
Riviera Charts, Nautical Stationary & Flags

Riviera Charts

Riviera Charts' ADMIRALTY publications are the de facto standard for deep sea commercial shipping – but also for yachts of 24 metres or more in length for commercial use. Alongside the ADMIRALTY publications, Riviera Charts also supplies a wide range of technical publications from other publishers covering topics from maritime safety and ship handling to insurance and the environment. This includes paper and digital versions of publications from Witherby, IMO, TSO, MCA, and ITU
Novaco Bridge nautical charts

Novaco navigation management solution

Catalogue of Nautical Charts & Nautical Publications. Plan, purchase and maintain digital & paper charts and publications. A full suite of maritime navigation products and services, all navigation services a mariner needs into one product. A complete navigation management solution in one simple to use platform

FEATURED Nautical Books & Publications provider

Novaco Bridge nautical charts

Novaco NB+

Novaco NB+ is a web-based portal that allows users onshore or on a vessel to plot and manage routes, and select, buy and maintain charts and publications – whether digital or paper. In essence it gives you access to many of the time and cost-saving features of NovacoBridge, but solely via the web.
Novaco Charts offers up-to-date digital nautical charts. Access all the catalogues of charts and marine publications published by the Admiralty, other hydrographic offices and public or private organisations. Catalogues are updated weekly and help identify new editions as they emerge.

NovacoBridge is a complete, integrated navigation management solution. Available as a comprehensive all-in-one suite of tools for vessel and onshore, or as individual modules
Electronic Marine Charts by openc247

OpenC247 - digital nautical charts & maritime publications

Nautical Charts (Digital & Paper), Chart Corrections and Marine Publications. No Subscription. No Commitment. Complete Flexibility - 24/7
Ocean nautical charts
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list of the best marine electronic chart solutions, digital vector and raster maritime navigation charts for your passage planning, from commercial ships to leisure vessels

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list of the best printed marine chart providers & paper nautical charts sales agents worldwide for all needs: voyage planning for commercial fleets, leisure ships, yachts, superyachts

Nautical Charts CORRECTIONS

selection of nautical charts corrections & updates solutions from premium providers across the globe. A critical service for safe passage planning everywhere in the sea world


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